We are all looking forward to a fresh start this upcoming Fall and now, more than ever, it's imperative your start also includes everything you missed over the summer while still allowing you to experience everything The Union at Auburn has to offer! We are here to help kick start your college career by being a source of information, a resource for questions, and a venue for freshman socials and meet & greets. 
We are so excited to offer these unique freshman experiences to our incoming residents. Below is just a brief description of these experiences, but there's so much more to cover!

Call us to schedule a virtual tour or click HERE!
    • Did you miss Camp War Eagle? We're here to squash that FOMO. Monday-Sunday, one of our Community Intern's will serve as a freshman ambassador for you. They will lead campus tours, help you find the buildings your classes are in, and be your resource for any questions you may have. Find them in the bright orange polo!
    • We have a dedicated texting service for freshmen and parents! Need to know where to find Haley Center 2213 for a study group tomorrow? Shoot us a text and we've got you've covered!
    • After being stuck inside after so long, we're more than ready to get back out and host some amazing resident events. We're taking that one step further to give you freshmen focused resident events that encourage meeting your neighbors and getting familiar with your new classmates.      
    • Our units come with their own private bathroom and bedrooms for your privacy, but you'll also be sharing your unit with a future roommate. Our team takes the time to go through every resident's personality and education questionnaire to personalize your roommate to the preferences you fill out. Your life-long friend that started as your first roommate is just around the corner!